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Chips JU Information Day
Rome, March 6, 2024

 ANIE Welcome addressA.Matera, Vice President of ANIE Electronic Components
 AEIT Welcome addressG.Parise, President of AEIT
 Chips JU Mirror Group ItalyL.Baldi, President of Chips JU Mirror Group Italy
 European Chips Initiative and Chips JU callsJ.Kinaret, Chips JU Executive Director
 Content of SRIA for Chips JU calls 2024P.Azzoni, Inside IA Secretary General
 MUR approach to Chips JU calls 2024A.Covello, Ministero dell'Universit√† e della Ricerca
 MIMIT approach to Chips JU calls 2024M.Lippolis, Ministero delle Imprese e del Made in Italy
 The ICOS ProjectL.Baldi, AEIT-AMES
 Fondazione Chips.ITE.Sangiorgi, Universit√† di Bologna
 ECS opportunities in Horizon EuropeD.Coglitore, APRE NCP HE Cluster 4
 ESBS AustriaC.DeLuca, Silicon Austria Labs
 Ideas from ECS brokerage eventA.Bianchi, Inside Industry Association
 Questions for the Round TableE.Macii, Politecnico di Torino

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